TWMC Foundation

While we’re very proud of our history, we’re always looking to the future at The Woodlands Methodist Church. The Woodlands Methodist Church Foundation provides for the future endeavors of our church and our mission to share Christ’s love in our community and around the world.

The Foundation is a permanent fund separate from the church’s operations budget and other giving.



Simplicity and ease of giving make cash / check contributions the most popular type of giving.


A gift of long-term securities generally results in several federal tax benefits. You are entitled to an income tax deduction for the full market value of the securities as of the date of your gift. You are not liable for the capital gains tax you would incur if you sold the securities. Please check with your tax advisor for more details.


Real property may also be given to the Foundation provided it meets certain criteria.


In your will you may decide to bequeath a percentage of your estate, a specific amount, or the remainders after bequests to other beneficiaries are made. If you choose to make a gift to the Foundation in this way, please note that the legal name to include in a will or other legal document is "The Woodlands United Methodist Church Foundation". A bequest will be recorded as a gift in the year that the will is probated and the grant delivered to the Foundation.

When a Christian writes a will, it should be more than a catalog of possessions, rather a declaration of faith in the cause you believe in — a provision for that which you love. No person can tell you the will of God regarding the final disposition of your property. Only by prayerfully seeking God’s leadership can you know what He wants you to do.

In Gratitude

Because you are grateful to our church and want to invest in its future.

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In Appreciation

Of those individuals or groups whom you want to honor.


In Memory

Of a deceased loved one.


Named Endowment Funds

All gifts to the Foundation are unrestricted, allowing the Foundation board greater flexibility in responding to funding needs, unless the donor requests a specific use. Donor restricted gifts may be directed to:

  • Missions Endowment Fund
  • Student Missions Endowment Fund
  • Society of St. Stephen Endowment Fund
  • The Woodlands Methodist School Scholarship Endowment Fund

Many families choose to establish a named endowment fund as a legacy or memorial gift to the church. Current endowment funds are:

  • The Luc William DeVeau Endowment Fund
  • The Lynda Whitley Frank Endowment Fund
  • The Ann and Bill Stokes Endowment Fund
  • The Patricia Ann and Jack B. Powell Endowment Fund
  • The Elizabeth Seibert Neikirk Endowment Fund

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Have you felt the call into ministry and want to pursue a seminary degree? The TWMC Foundation is pleased to offer a scholarship program for qualified students.

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What Is the Foundation?

Founded in September of 2000, The Woodlands United Methodist Church Foundation, Inc. was established to provide for the future of this congregation’s mission to bring Christ and His love to our local and global community.

The decision to give to the Foundation is a spiritual commitment of loyalty and love. It is a way to continue giving and supporting The Woodlands Methodist Church now and into the future.

“For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” — Psalm 100:5

Why Do We Have A Church Foundation?

Most large churches, such as The Woodlands Methodist Church, have established foundations or endowment funds for the purpose of expanding and securing the future ministries of the church. The Foundation provides an opportunity for the current members to build for the future.

The Foundation fund is a permanent fund which is invested to provide income that can be used to further the ministry of the church. The permanent fund also provides a degree of security in the event of unforeseen financial needs. Most of the goals for the Foundation are long-term.

What Is The Foundation’s Mission?

The mission of The Woodlands Methodist Church Foundation is to expand the ministry outreach of the church and safeguard its future through charitable gifts that provide long-term financial support and a living memorial.

How Are The Earnings Of The Fund To Be Used?

They will be used to expand the ministry of the church for years to come by providing supplemental funds to enhance the church’s programs, mission, operations and facilities.

Does The Foundation Fund Replace All Other Funds?

No, it does not replace other funds. Such funds as the church operating budget and faith promise fund for missions are separate. The Foundation fund is designed to permanently enrich the future life of our church.

The annual budget of our church is all-important. It is the responsibility of the congregation every year to provide for the everyday bills, salaries and programs for the membership.

Will My Gift Be Kept Confidential?

All gifts or donations to the fund will be treated as confidential business transactions. If you are giving to the Foundation in honor or memory of a loved one, the designated person or family is notified of your thoughtfulness. All gifts to the Foundation (not including the amount) are recognized in our church newsletter. If you wish, your gift will remain anonymous.

If you have questions about giving a donation to The Woodlands Methodist Church Foundation or would like to discuss further how you can include the Foundation in your will or estate plan, contact the Finance office.

Legacy Leaders

A simple remembrance, as a witness of your faith, can mean so much to our church when it comes in the form of a planned gift. We would like to share the joy of giving with you and honor you as a supporter of our congregation by making you a member of the Legacy Leaders at The Woodlands Methodist Church Foundation.

Why Have Legacy Leaders?

Recognizing those in our congregation who honor God’s blessings with a planned gift to our church Foundation encourages others to share in the joy and stewardship opportunities offered through Christian giving. It also gives us an opportunity to thank our members for their unfailing generosity and celebrate the love we feel for them in Christ’s name.

What Types of Gifts Qualify?

Legacy Leaders recognizes the following types of gifts:

  • Bequests made through a will or revocable living trust.
  • Life income gifts such as charitable gift annuities and unitrusts.
  • Beneficiary designations on IRAs, Certificates of Deposit, life insurance policies, savings accounts, etc.
  • The gift of a home or farm with a retained life estate or a “transfer on death” deed.

How Do I Become a Member?

If you have already made a planned gift or have included The Woodlands Methodist Church Foundation in your will, you are already qualified for Legacy Leaders. If not, making a gift in the future through your will qualifies you for membership. Through your gifts, the ministry of our congregation will continue into the future, and you create a legacy of timeless giving.

What To Expect as a Member

Becoming a member of our Legacy Leaders means you will be recognized, if you wish, as a member of our congregation who has made a planned gift to the ministry of our church. You will also be invited to occasional fellowship events, such as luncheons or dinners, to celebrate God’s blessings in the lives of Legacy Leaders members as well as those touched by their generosity.

Keep in mind that while public recognition often inspires generosity in others, your confidentiality as a Legacy Leaders member will be strictly respected.