About Us

Founded in 1978

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At The Woodlands Methodist Church, we believe in serving Christ and serving people in our church and in our everyday life. While we started as a small congregation in 1978, we have grown into a church whose members worship across 10 live worship services in three unique worship styles every weekend. Our mission is to win people to Jesus Christ, disciple them in faith and help those in need, and it’s a mission our members know well.

We aren’t just a Sunday morning church. We have dynamic programs and ministries taking place at our campus all through the week. Along with active ministries for families, we also have an early childhood preschool and an accredited pre-K through 8th grade private school. We believe in being the hands and feet of Christ through our dedicated missions ministries that serve the local community as well as the larger world beyond.

The Woodlands Methodist Church started in 1978 with a phone call from a bishop to a recent seminary graduate named Ed Robb. Much to his surprise, the bishop asked a young Ed Robb to come to this remote community north of Houston and start a church. The family moved to The Woodlands in January 1978, and Dr. Robb immediately set about knocking on doors to begin growing the church and using what little experience he had to start a strong church community.

After 43 years, that small church grew to have 14,000 members located on two campuses, The Woodlands Campus and Woodforest Campus, with a variety of worship communities. And it was at this time that Dr. Robb decided to retire from his years of leading the church.

Rev. Mark Sorensen was appointed Senior Pastor in 2021 and wanted to build on the vision and leadership that are part of the history of the church. He received his Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary. He and his wife Nycki and their children arrived in The Woodlands in 2013 when he joined the staff as an associate pastor to lead the contemporary service. They fell in love with this community and the diversity found in the people here.

One of Mark’s passions is to create opportunities where people can connect so they and their families can experience growth. Mark believes that “being connected with other people is where you grow, and when you are growing alongside others, you realize that you are not alone. That’s the beauty of being connected to the church.”

While The Woodlands Methodist Church continues to experience vibrant growth, the church strives to provide a sense of home and belonging to its faith-filled members and to reach out to bring the love of Christ to the community and to the world.