Real Life Connect Class | The Woodlands Methodist Church

Real Life Connect Class

Sunday at 9:30 AM

Sunday morning class that is a dynamic, member led group of married and single adults who enjoy the in-depth study of scripture. We welcome any who would like to join our interactive group to learn more about God’s love and good news for our real lives! We look forward to meeting and making new friends.

Group Details

In addition to regular class, social events are held throughout the year, providing fellowship and relaxed settings to include family and friends. We look forward to meeting and making new friends.

Approximate Class Size: 40-50

Meets at 9:30 a.m. in Room B202




Feb 19th - Bob Lukefahr will join us to discuss his book “Letters to Bentrock- A Demon’s Guide to Trapping Prey”, An adaptation of CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters to prison ministry.

Feb 23rd - April 2nd - Frank Gray will teach on several “Hard Sayings & Misunderstood Passages in the Bible”

Apr 16th - June 25th - Alternating every 3 weeks between Biblical Character Studies and Systematic Theology themes


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