Men's Tuesday Morning Bible Study | The Woodlands Methodist Church

Men's Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Weekly: Tuesdays at 6:30 AM

Gather on Tuesday mornings with men in our community for coffee, fellowship and study.

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Men's Tuesday Morning Study

6:30-7:30am | Woodforest Worship Center

March 26 - May 19


The Book of Joshua | LOUIE GIGLIO

Courage for Everyday People

After roaming the wilderness for decades, God's people finally reached the Promised Land. But there were still obstacles that stood in their way. Securing the land God had promised them would require strength, courage, and faith.

In this eight-session series, pastor Louie Giglio shows us that our story today isn't too far removed from Joshua and the Israelites: we need the same strength, courage, and faith to face the challenges in our lives. Join Louie and learn what it means to follow God faithfully, no matter what obstacles are before you. 

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