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Promises of the Messiah Connect Class

Sunday at 9:30 AM

Sunday morning class that studies the Bible with lessons presented by a rotating group of class members, with class participation and discussion.

Group Details

The typical class size is about 20 and consists of couples and singles aged 55 and up, but all ages are welcome. 

Meets at 9:30 a.m. in Room B107

The class uses the Standard Lesson Commentary, which has been the world's most popular annual Bible commentary for over 20 years. This Bible Study series renews annually and provides in-depth Bible study and takes at least 1 lesson from each book of the Bible in every six-year session. 



Meeting around tables with rotating teachers allows for discussion.


January 15 - God Promises to Guide (Isaiah)

January 23 - God Promises Light (Isaiah)

January 30 - God Promises His Presence (Joel)

February 5 - Resume of Those Called (1 Corinthians)

February 12 - Reminder of the Call (2 Timothy)

February 19 - Responsibility of Those Called (James)

February 26 - Results of the Call (1 Peter)

March 5 - The Prodigal Son (Luke)

March 12 - The Greatest in the Kingdom (Matthew)

March 19 - Jesus Talks with a Samaritan (John)

March 26 - Overpowers Legion (Mark)

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