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Sunday at 11:00 AM

New Connect Class! Are you in your 30's or 40's and looking for a place to gather with other singles on the same or similar journey?  If so, we'd like to invite you to a new co-ed connect class starting on Sunday, January 15, in Room B200

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We will be covering the book, They Walked with God - 40 Bible Characters Who Inspire Us by Max Lucado. 

"For every person, Scripture has a story.  For every problem, God has a promise.  For each occasion when we feel our story is coming undone, God steps in with a message:  Just trust me.  I'm the author and the finisher of your life!" - Max Lucado

Are you struggling with guilt?  Then meet Peter, the apostle who bailed on Jesus.  Facing the impossible challenge?  So was a boy named David.  Have you exhausted your box of second chances?  Then consider the plight of the woman found in the act of adultery.

They Walked with God takes a closer look at forty of the most inspirational characters in the Bible and shares a powerful message: if God can find a place for each character in the Bible, he's carved out a spot  for you too. 

Pastor and New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado weaves together stories from Scripture with reflections that offer a modern perspective, bringing the forty Bible characters to life within the pages.  You'll be encouraged as you get to know these figures as you

  •     dive into a comprehensive study of forth of the Bible's most remarkable - and sometimes seemingly unremarkable - characters,
  •     engage in 185+ thought-provoking discussion questions designed to spark further conversation about how you can apply these lessons to your daily life, 
  •     write you thoughts in the ruled lines, so you can refer to your answers in group discussions or individual study, and
  •     enjoy Max's personal stories that are sure to help grow your faith and strengthen your relationship with Jesus.

This trustworthy collection of character studies from Max Lucado invites you to walk alongside God and discover the story he has written for your life.

No registration required, every lesson is a standalone discussion, so just come join us! 

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