Art with Vision: A Creative Bible Study | The Woodlands Methodist Church

Art with Vision: A Creative Bible Study

Tuesday at 1:00 PM

Beginning August 20 - Art with Vision aims to use biblical art to inspire deeper engagement with Scripture. It is an exploration of God’s Word on canvas through the artists’ eyes. We meet for 8 weeks, during the spring and fall. During the 8 weeks, we share the art creation journey, gain confidence, and encourage one another to continue the process of completing their art pieces, which will later be on display.

Group Details

Fall Session
Tuesdays at 1-2:30 p.m. in Room B200
Beginning August 20 - October 15

About Art with Vision

Art with Vision originated in 2009 with the desire to create original works of art while focusing on a specific sermon topic or hymn, scripture reading and the Holy Spirit; then using that art as a vessel to inspire growth for the artists and others.

It is a place where artists come together to enjoy sharing God’s word, lifting each other up in prayer, and encouraging each one’s creative integration of faith and artistic inspiration.


  • Advance their artistic disciplines by “completing” their artwork, for a purpose.
  • Experience fellowship, as well as accountability within a supportive group.
  • Discover fulfillment as they use their talents to glorify God.
  • Further their spiritual walk with Jesus.


  • Bible, Sketchbook, pencils/color pens
  • An open mind and willingness to change one’s life and the lives of others in a positive way.


  • Artists (including a wide range of skill levels)
  • Anyone who wants to experience using their artistic gifts in a meaningful way
  • Participants need to register for each session that meets for 8 weeks; beginning January and September.


Instructor: Julie Graham

Julie has facilitated Art with Vision for the past 14 years and welcomes anyone who is interested in giving it a try. She is a retired art teacher with 25 years of service with CISD, has taught for The Glade Art Foundation, and currently teaches art classes online. She has participated in numerous art festivals/shows and enjoys being of service and producing the Art with Vision displays for TWMC. Mostly, she has a heart for Christ and loves sharing the gospel with others.

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