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Old Testament Story Series


Series of studies led by seminary student Kristen Stomberg studying various aspects of Old and New Testament and how they reveal God's full redemptive story.

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The following are two studies offered this Spring from the Old Testament Story series developed and led by seminary student Kristin Stomberg. See details and registration links below.

Revealed: Parallels Between the Old and New Testaments

Mondays beginning September 11 - November 13
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. in Room B110

“In the Old Testament the New Testament is concealed, in the New Testament the Old Testament is revealed.” (St. Augustine)

Join us for a deep dive into the hidden mysteries and revelations of the Bible by comparing Old Testament people, events, and themes and seeing them illuminated in the New Testament. The journey starts off in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 1-3) and parallels the Gospels with the life of Jesus, revealing how Jesus both fulfilled the original promise and reversed the original sin. Next, we will examine The Blood and how it grants us both legal power and authority. Other topics include Noah’s ark and its symbolism, Moses’ struggle between the world & God, and Joshua & Jericho and its foreshadowing of Jesus, salvation, & the Good Samaritan. Our study concludes with an immersion into the Tabernacle, the Temple, baptism, and the church age. If you are ready to let the Holy Spirit be our guide into deeper revelations about Him, and His Holy Word, then you don’t want to miss this unique study. Please join us as we discover God’s Word like never before. 

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Old Testament Story

Mondays beginning September 11
Noon - 1:00 p.m. | Room B110

A comprehensive overview of the Old Testament, this eight-week course strives to bring the people, places, and events of our ancestors to life, while imparting a working knowledge of the chronological timeline from Creation through the Exile. When studying the Old Testament, many of us become confused and frustrated reading the same story or people from different perspectives. For example, the story of Nebuchadnezzer, King of Babylon, can be found in 6 different books in the Old Testament but yet he has only one story. In this study you will learn the overarching continuous storyline of the exciting people, places, themes, and events starting in the Garden of Eden and leading up to the birth of Jesus. If you have ever wanted to get your hands around the Old Testament and develop a working outline, this is the class for you!

Material and format: Any version of the Bible is acceptable. The format is lecture style with PowerPoint handouts followed by an open discussion with Q & A.

About the teacher:
Kristin Stomberg is currently a Seminary student at Asbury Theological Seminary, completing a Master of Biblical Studies. She has taught multiple Bible studies at TWMC and other venues including studies on Jonah, Ruth, Isaiah, and the Old Testament. She has a passion for the Old Testament and strives to make it come alive for others.

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