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Women of the Word

Wednesday at 9:30 AM

Women of the Word is a groups of women who are passionate about studying the Bible through women of faith. This study includes video teaching as well as daily homework. There is a large group instructional component and a small group element where women can discuss their learnings.

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Wednesday, January 18 - March 8 | 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. | Wesley Hall


From Beginning to Forever, By Elizabeth Woodson

Too often we have just a fragmented understanding of parts of the Bible. This leads us to see the Scripture through the lens of our individual stories causing us to miss God's bigger story-His redemption and restoration of the entire world. In this 8-session study, Elizabeth Woodson explains how all sixty-six books of the Bible combine to form one unified narrative. We will see how the rich theological truths found in Genesis through Revelation show us the eternal significance of what God is doing in the world and how he invites us to be a part of it. Want you join us?

Participant's will need to purchase their books via Amazon.com or Lifeway.com. The book includes a link to digital access for all videos in the study. 

Childcare Provided?: Yes

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