Expressions: Open Studio | The Woodlands Methodist Church

Expressions: Open Studio

Weekly: Mondays,Wednesdays at 9:30 AM

Expression classes are designed for those interested in being part of a Christ-centric community of ladies who enjoy life, the arts, a good laugh, and creative play. Classes provide an opportunity to tap into your creative self, freely pushing the limits of your curiosity and imagination in a breathable environment. Both artists and non-artists are very welcome!

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It’s Summer and time to relax into the things that bring us JOY!

This four-session opportunity encourages us to reset our hearts and minds on those we love most; God, self, family and friends! Inviting the Spirit to join us in the studio we will explore wisdom from the Word as well as thought provoking guidance from Danny Silk’s ‘levels of intimacy’ from his book Keep Your Love On.

This collective inspiration will source our creativity in an open studio setting. A variety of mediums, tools, and resources will be available for you to express your heart and soul freely. Devotion and demos will start each class - then, it’s all you! 😊
Come join the FUN!

SESSION DATES: June 19, 21, 26 and 28
TIME: 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
LOCATION: Craft Circle Room at the LOFT
SUPPLY FEE: $100 per person

About our instructor

With a passion for theology, the visual arts and this incredible planet, Abby Salazar achieved her B.S. in Earth Science while also studying fine arts at Lamar University. She was the scientific illustrator for Dr. James Westgate, Lamar University professor and author of After the Dinosaurs. After relocating to Baton Rouge, Abby exhibited artwork in a variety of galleries, restaurants, and offices as well as teach for the Baton Rouge Arts Council and Louisiana Cultural Arts Center. Over the years, Artist in Residency opportunities as well as teaching positions with the Beaumont Art League, the Woodlands Art League, and local private schools have honed Abby's abilities as artist and teacher.

Called to ministry, Abby is currently achieving her Master's in Ministry at Asbury Theological Seminary while offering spiritual formation opportunities via the visual arts to bridge the gap between humanity and the Divine.

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