Frequently Asked Questions

Is there programming for my children on Sunday morning?

We worship as a family, inviting all ages to join in. After a time of singing, praying, giving offering, and sharing in communion (on the first Sunday of each month), we invite children who are in preschool through the fifth grade to attend Children's Church. When you arrive to our building, you'll quickly see our children's check-in area. You can sign your child up for nursery and/or Children's Church at one of our kiosks.

What style of worship do you offer?

"Style" of worship is a difficult thing to describe. We are led in worship by a band and a couple vocalists. That talented group will sing a collection of songs ranging from those you might have sung from a hymnal along with others that you may have heard on the radio this week. Our preacher sits on a stool and offers practical sermons from the Bible which are intended to teach you something you didn't already know, give you hope that God is with you, and provide an action item or two for how to respond to God's word. The best way to get a sense about our "style" would be to watch a service online. Watch Here

Do you have Sunday School classes?

On a Sunday morning, every square foot of our building is filled with worship and children's ministry. We have several opportunities for Bible study and small groups for women, men, and youth throughout the week. Please be sure to check in with our "First Timer" table to get more information about those. Or, feel free to take a look around the website. Here

Is there Student Ministry on Sunday morning?

Our Student Ministry weekly offerings occur on Sunday evenings for our high school students and on Wednesday evenings for our junior high students. Our Student Ministry staff are engaged in connecting with students as they arrive to worship, and then encourage them to sit for worship together or alongside their parent(s). For more information about ways to get your student involved, go check this out. Here

Where do I park?

You may enter our parking lot from Woodforest Parkway North (right across from Stewart Elementary School) or from Fish Creek Thoroughfare. If you have special need to be close to the building, there are plenty of spots up at the front. On those Sundays when our lot is full, you are invited to park across the street in the Stewart Elementary School lot. In the instances when we anticipate large overflow parking needs, there will typically be golf carts available to safely transport you to the building.

How long is a normal service?

We typically gather and worship for just over an hour at each of our service times. On the first Sunday of each month, we also include additional time so that we can share in the Lord's Supper together.