Why the GMC? and Why Now?

Why the GMC? and Why Now?

WHY the GMC?

Except for the Global Methodist Church, the top five largest Methodist denominations in the United States require some form of the trust clause, which requires the denomination to own church buildings and property. Following disaffiliation, TWMC took complete ownership of its property and assets.

While independent Methodist networks offer an organic and nimble approach to ministry, they are mainly associated by senior pastor and prefer to exist in groups of 12-24 churches. Structure and accountability are highly relational, and yet also informal. For these reasons, the discernment leadership team felt the network model lacks the depth, breadth and formal accountability that TWMC seeks in a far-reaching, global connection.

In comparison, the GMC model is being created with a leaner organizational structure, giving more autonomy and authority to local congregations while maintaining strong connectional ties for its member clergy and congregations — and ties that are rooted in the original Wesleyan standards of the Christian faith. Following in the traditions established by John and Charles Wesley, the GMC serves all who wish to join in a “methodical,” warm-hearted pursuit of loving God and serving others as Jesus’ disciples in the world.

Studying the GMC through the discernment frameworks listed in the next article on this website, the team found the GMC affiliation option to be the strongest fit for TWMC in the following areas:

  • Theology – A refreshed, fully aligned expression of traditional Wesleyan Christianity
  • Connection – Development of a broad network of like-minded clergy and congregations
  • Next Generation Leaders – Training and equipping Gen Z for ministry in the 21st century
  • Church Planting – Starting new faith communities in response to the Great Commission
  • Global Reach – Practice in all of these areas on a worldwide scale


  • The optimal time to make the biggest impact on the GMC is right now, during the start-up phases of the new denomination. Serving in leadership roles, developing resource materials and facilitating clergy training and development are just a few examples of immediate involvement. TWMC has a unique opportunity to help develop structure, systems and the spirit of the GMC in ways that will not be possible by waiting to join later.
  • Revival is here. Gen Z-age students are seeking the very presence of God. Our student and young adult ministries are thriving. Young leaders are expressing their desire to enter full-time ministry. The discernment leadership team sees this as an opportunity to invest in a revitalized model to carry our traditional, Wesleyan faith across the next generation and generations to come.
  • Senior Pastor Mark Sorensen has shared a vision for TWMC’s future that aligns well with the greatest areas of need within the GMC. Now is the perfect time to harness the momentum building within our own community and multiply it for maximum Kingdom impact.