The Vision for The Future

January 3, 2022 | Read Time: 1 min

By: Mrs. Kenda McVeigh

The ones who followed after Jesus, who didn’t always get it right but kept trying anyway, were called His disciples. They were committed followers who were transformed – permanently changed – by learning from and serving with Jesus. They changed the world.  

As Luann Riley, Community Discipleship Leader, puts it, “Jesus’ call ‘to follow me’ is an invitation to become His disciple and begins a life-long journey to explore and apply God’s Word, grow in maturity, love our neighbors, share our faith, and ultimately become more like the One we follow.”

Rev. Mark Sorensen’s vision for the church is for all of us to grow as followers of Christ – he really means all of us. Yep. That’s every single one of the members of The Woodlands Methodist Church to be growing in their faith journey day by day.  

As a church, our goal is to be intentional in creating disciples – to help people grow in their own faith through taking part in inspiring worship, meaningful community, mentoring and investing in others and serving outside the church.

As Rev. Susan Kent says, “Most of us want to grow our faith, and the biggest question is ‘How? – How do I become a more devoted follower of Christ?’”  

And this question of “how” is the question our church leadership is focused on. You will begin to see some exciting opportunities, classes, and groups become available around the church to help you on your journey. We ask you to please jump into any of these opportunities and take steps to be the disciple Jesus calls you to be.  

According to Susan, “the greatest gift we can offer as a church is a legacy of discipleship where followers of Jesus have a longing to not only grow in their faith, but to become multipliers and invest in others.”

It’s a legacy that could change the world.